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Are you looking for the Winter Tyre services for your vehicle?


Winter tyres offer superior grip and safety on icy or snow-covered roads. When the temperature drops below 7 ℃, it is recommended to install winter tyres. You’d often find in some neighbouring countries that winter tyres are mandatory.

Walsall Wood Tyre& Service deals in a variety of winter tyresWalsall, Walsall Wood. We offertyresforeveryseason from all major brands like Goodyear, Michelin, and Dunlop, etc. Our experts will provide you with a great shopping experience. You can buy tyres at our garage and get them professionally fitted by our experts in the shortest possible time. You can also buy your favourite winter tyres online and get it fitted at home or office via our mobile tyre fitting service.


How are wintertyres different from regular tyres?

Winter tyres comprise higher silica and natural rubber content than regular car tyres. These tyres have more sipes that aid in easy dispersal of water. Smaller grooves in the tread offer increased biting edges and consequently enhanced traction on snow-covered roads. Winter tyres don't harden and lose their performance when the temperature falls during the winter season.


Benefits of using Winter Tyres

Enhanced Safety: Smaller groovesin the tread design offer better grip on wet or icy roads. Hence, winter tyres offer enhanced safety while driving.

Protection from Aquaplaning: Deeper sipes remove the water from the driving path and offer protection from aquaplaning.

Reduced Braking Distance: The silica in the tyre compound gives an improved hold on the surface, and thus minimises the braking distance while driving on icy roads.

Some of the best models of winter tyres along with their features are mentioned below:

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2

UltraGrip Performance 2 by Goodyear Tyres is one of the best-selling winter tyres. It delivers high-performance during on-road and off-road driving. Sound Comfort Technology reduces noise by up to 50 per cent.

  • Rim protectors offer protection from kerb damage
  • Better pick-up and mileage on snow-covered roads
  • Run-flat technology offers efficient performance, even on punctured tyres
  • Resistance to aquaplaning

Michelin Alpin 6

Alpin 6 by Michelin Tyres offers better acceleration and performancesin lower temperatures. The cutting-edge technology in the tyres offers better safety and control on snowy roads.

  • Better fuel-efficiency
  • Hydroplaning resistant
  • Efficient braking performance while driving
  • Better steering control and superior grip

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