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Are you looking for the Winter Check services for your vehicle?


Winter brings a lot of challenges for car drivers. It becomes very difficult and risky to drive on icy orsnow-covered roads. Therefore,you shouldget a winter check done on your car before winter arrives. Performing this check will ensure efficiency and safety while driving. It can also save huge sums of money spent on repairs and replacements of car components.

Get an efficient winter check Walsall, Walsall Wood from Walsall Wood Tyre& Service and prepare your car for the upcoming winter season. Our experts use advanced tools and technology to perform a winter check for your car. We offer other services like tyre pressure check, wheel balancing, exhaust repair etc.

What is a Winter Check?

Winter check is defined as the process ofchecking a car’s components for damages and repairing them for driving in the winter season. Various car components are checked in a winter check to provide enhanced comfort while driving on snow-covered roads.

Which components are checked in winter check?

Batteries: Car batteries often create a lot of problems in starting up the car in the winter season. This happens because the electrolytes in the battery start to freeze. Thus the battery cannot conduct the charge and fails to provide current to the engine for ignition.

Tyres: It is recommended to switch to winter tyres when the winter season arrives. Winter tyres offer better grip and comfort on wet or icy roads. The tyre pressure and the tread depth of thetyres are also checked in the winter check process.

Lights: The car lights are checked for their effective functioning in winters. It becomes difficult to drive in foggy climates with dim headlights. Hence, to ensure safety from accidents, the car’s headlights are checked.

Antifreeze and Coolant Top-Up: Antifreeze is mixed with water in the car’s radiator to prevent clogging of the hose pipe and other issues like coolant leakages. Antifreeze and coolant are checked for their adequate level in the winter check process. If these are less than the adequate level, they are topped up.

Oil Top-up: Engine oil lubricates the engine and prevents unexpected engine breakdown, wear etc. during winters. Hence, engine oil is topped up in the winter check process.

Windscreen Wiper: Windscreen wipers clear the screen of the water droplets and snow to offer a clear view of the road. Hence, they are checked for proper functioning.

Why Us?

Walsall Wood Tyre& Service is one of the most renowned garages and offers winter check Walsall, Walsall Wood at amazing prices. Visit our garage to get a professional winter check done. You can also schedule an appointment online, and drive in on the selected day.

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