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Are you looking for the Wheel Balancing service for your vehicle?


Wheel Balancing

Most motorists are looking forward to driving smoothly with short braking distances and improved stability. However, it might not be possible if you are driving a car with imbalanced wheels. These wheels not only reduce your car’s performance but can also lead to accidents. So why should you take the risk when you can get affordable wheel balancing at a renowned garage? Walsall Wood Tyre & Service employs trained experts to cater to the wheels’ balance and adjustments.


What is wheel balancing?

A wheel balancing involves inspecting the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly for any discrepancies like imbalances and maladjustment. Our garage is equipped with a modern wheel balancing machine to spin the wheel and determine the exact regions with imbalances. Once found, our professionals will add and remove weights to make it evenly proportional with the axle.

Every motorist should get a wheel balancing done, especially after accident repairs or a tyre-fitting service.


Advantages of wheel balancing

Improved car performance: Getting wheel balancing helps to distribute the weight around the rim evenly so that they work properly with the suspension. This provides improved braking performance and superior road contact, even on rough terrains.

Prevents costly repairs: Spending huge amounts on wheel replacements and suspension repairs can put an increased burden on your budget. Our balancing services prevent the spread of damage from wheels to other components, while you save a considerable sum.

Environment friendly: A majority of vehicles release black fumes through the exhaust pipe. Wheel balancing can help to reduce rolling resistance, enhance fuel efficiency and consequently limit the carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


Risks of driving with imbalanced car wheels

Safety Threat: Imbalanced wheels are one of the most significant reasons for the motorists to lose control of their car. This may further result in accidents, safety threats, and even vast accident repairs.

Premature replacements:

Imbalanced wheels pose a considerable threat to your car’s functioning as it strains the wheel bearing, studs, and callipers. This results in otherwise unnecessary repairs and replacement.

  • If you notice your car pulling itself towards one side of the road, you should drive to our workshop to get your wheels and tyres inspected by professionals.

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