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Are you looking for the Wheel Alignment service for your vehicle?

Driving with misaligned wheels can be very dangerous as they cannot maintain the appropriate road contact and damage your vehicle’s tyres. These wheels may also pose a threat to the suspension system and cause vast replacement costs. Therefore, you should drive to Walsall Wood Tyre & Services to get an advanced wheel alignment for your vehicles.

Wheel Alignment

What is wheel alignment?

Discrepancies within your car’s wheels like imbalance, squeaking sounds, or loss of control can be resolved with the help of wheel alignment. It involves a proper alignment of your car’s suspension angles- camber, caster, and toe- to ensure an adequate orientation with the axle and avoid the detachment of tyre from the wheel hub.

Experts recommend getting a wheel alignment for your vehicle after every tyre-fitting and wheel balancing service, to ensure uninterrupted and smooth driving performance. You should get your wheels aligned after accidents.

Advantages of Wheel Alignment

Prevents frequent repairs

Getting a wheel alignment not only improves wheel life but also prevents the spread of damage to other suspension components. This saves your vehicle from the suspension failure and avoids vast repair costs as well.

Enhanced tyre life

Wheel alignment Walsall, Walsall Wood is an excellent service to enhance your wheel’s durability and prevent the abnormal and uneven tyre wear as well. This increases the overall tyre life and avoids unnecessary replacements.

Improved car performance

Our experts are trained to fix all the angle misalignment in your car’s wheels and improve the road contact. It reduces rolling resistance, especially at high speeds.

Dangers of driving with misaligned wheels

Reduced driving comfort

Misaligned wheels cannot coordinate with the suspension system and wheel hub assembly. This may cause improper road contact, and increased braking distances as well.

Safety threat

Driving a car with misaligned wheels and tyres may lead to loss of control over the vehicle and collision with other cars on the road.

Degrade the environment

Misaligned wheels feel heavier and put increased stress on the car engine to support your vehicle. This leads the engine to burn more fuel and emit more harmful gases into the atmosphere via the exhaust pipe.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

  • If you experience difficulty while turning your car or notice the vehicle pulling itself towards one side, drive to us for a proper wheel inspection
  • In case you notice any premature tyre wearing or damages, you should get a wheel alignment done
  • If you find it difficult to handle your car and experience the steering to not respond according to your command, your wheels may be misaligned.

Visit our garage

Walsall Wood Tyre & Services is a one-stop solution to get a wheel alignment Walsall, Walsall Wood for your vehicle from the best professionals in the industry. We are open from 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 07:30 - 12:30 on Saturday. For more information, you can write an email at or call at 01543 454644.

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