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The concept of tyre labelling was introduced in 2012 by the European Union for grading tyres based on noise reduction, wet gripping, and fuel efficiency. The label helps motorists to buy tested and certified tyres that meet these standards on the road. However, tyres made before 1990 and retreaded tyres are exempted from the EU grading. If you wish to buy an ideal set of tyres with EU label, drive to Walsall Wood Tyre & Services. Our experts will assist you in buying the best tyres and provide your car with a quality tyre fitting at considerable prices.

Primary parameters on which EU grading is done

Wet gripping

The European Union grades tyres based upon their wet grip from ‘A’ to ‘G’. If you wish to buy premium tyres for your vehicle with peerless gripping capabilities, you should look for tyres with ‘A’ rated wet grip. These tyres come from a reputable brand and offer excellent traction, stability, and steering response even on most rough terrains.

Noise reduction

Tyres are marked based on noise cancellation, represented by sound wave symbols. If your car tyres come with just one wave symbol, they have excellent noise reduction capabilities. This results in enhanced driving comfort as the higher amount of external noises can be disturbing while driving.

Fuel Economy

The fuel efficiency of your car is based upon a lot of parameters, but the EU grades your tyres based upon its rolling resistance. Generally, if the tyre comes with an ‘A’ rating, it has a lower rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance means less consumption of fuel to overcome it, thereby enhancing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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Walsall Wood Tyre & Services understands the importance of fitting an ideal tyre. That’s why we take the tyre labelling Walsall seriously, and stock and fit quality tyres for your cars, SUVs, crossovers, etc. By all reputable brands in the industry. Visit our garage to get a professional tyre-fitting. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling the tyre-fitting and mobile tyre-fitting online with our website. You can also book your tyres today through our tyre finder tool in 5 easy steps:

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