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Are you looking for the Suspension service for your vehicle?

The suspension of your car is a vital component as it absorbs shocks, enhances your vehicle’s lateral acceleration and smoothens your driving comfort. In case you feel difficulty while turning your car or notice any damages on its suspension, Walsall Wood Tyre & Services can help you. Visit us today and experience quality suspension repairs by our trained professionals.


What is suspension repair?

The suspension system of a car is responsible for maximising comfort by offering enhanced traction between the tyres and the road. The suspension system consists of ball bearings, ball joints, springs, shock absorbers, strut assembly etc. With time and usage, these components wear out. Damage in the suspension system or its components can result in safety issues. The process of repairing these damages is commonly termed suspension repair.

We provide the latest technology to repair your car’s suspension linkages, wheel hub bearings, suspension callipers, etc. so you may drive smoothly even on rough terrains.

It is advisable to get a car suspension repair after every 50,000 miles to ensure the proper functioning of the steering, and braking system, etc.

Benefits of suspension repair

Improved car performance

A professionalised suspension repair at our garage deals with repairing your vehicle’s wheel struts, and linkages. This enhances the rotational motion of the wheel to provide you with a lateral acceleration, and precise braking performance.

Excellent driving comfort

Getting a suspension repair helps to ensure proper coordination between wheel and discs. This reduces the unsprung weight and helps to absorb road shocks while driving on uneven and rough terrains. Hence, suspension repair ensures your comfort when you hit the road.

Prevents huge maintenance costs

Suspension repair not only enhances your driving comfort but also saves you from spending vast amounts on repair and maintenance by preventing the spread of damage to different components.

Risks of driving with a poor car suspension

Misaligned wheels

Driving with a damaged car suspension Walsall, Walsall Wood can hinder your vehicle’s shock absorption and acceleration as it may lead your wheels to become disoriented along the axle or around the wheel hub. This further results in you spending vast amounts on repairs and maintenance.

Poor driving comfort

A poor car suspension cannot maintain the rotatory motion between linkages and wheel hub. This causes premature tyre wear and skidding over slippery and wet road surfaces.

Reduced driving experience

Any damages in your car’s suspension, shock absorbers, and struts may disturb the wheel hub assembly and cause loss of vehicle control at high speeds.

Visit our garage today!

Walsall Wood Tyre & Services employs a team of professionals to repair your car’s suspension at considerable prices. Visit our garage to get a professional suspension repair and replacement, or schedule the service online with our website.

We are open from 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 07:30 - 12:30 on Saturday. For more information, you can write an email at, or call at 01543 454644.

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