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Are you looking for the Summer Check services for your vehicle?


Motorists face a lot of challenges while driving on summer roads due to high temperatures. A sudden puncture caused by driving on rough and dry roads can leave you stranded. Engine failure can also occur due to overheating of the vehicle in summers. Therefore, it is necessary to get the summer check done for your car to avoid such problems. Getting a summer check will save a lot of money on repairs of different components like tyres, exhaust, brakes etc.

To enjoy a hassle-free ride during summers, get the summer check Walsall, Walsall Wood done from Walsall Wood Tyre& Service. Our experts use modern tools and techniques to check for anydamages in the car components.


What is Summer Check?

Summer check involves checking car components to identify any damage. The damages are repaired so that there is no problem in driving during summers. A summer check includes topping up the coolant and checking the health of the air conditioning system. The engine of the vehicle is also lubricated with engine oil so that it doesn’t get heated during high temperatures.

Some common problems that occur due to excessive heating in summers are:

  • Problem in car radiator
  • Malfunctioning of water pump
  • Leakage of coolant
  • Clogged hose pipe
  • Fuel-inefficiency
  • Overheating of engine
  • Inefficient cooling in the engine compartments

List of components included in Summer Check

Battery: The performance of the battery degrades in summers due to high temperature. The battery fluid gets evaporated due to rise in temperature, which leads to the discharging of the car battery. Hence, it is necessary to get its components checked. This will ensure proper functioning. Electrical connections are also checked in the summer check process to avoid problems in starting the car.

Air Conditioning: In the summer check process, the air-conditioning system is checked. The compressor and condenser of the AC are checked for any damages.

Coolant System: The task of the coolant system is to keep the car components cool in the scorching heat. Hence, it is important to check the level of the coolant in the vehicle. If coolant level is lower than recommended, it is topped up during the summer check process.

A summer check is particularly important if you plan on a holiday or if your car is pulling a trailer.

Walsall Wood Tyre& Service is one of the best garages that offer reliable summer check Walsall for your car. Visit us and get an amazing service at unbelievable price. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling a summer check for your car online with our website.

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