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Are you looking for the Brakes Services services for your vehicle?

Driving a car with smooth acceleration and adequate stability at high speeds is an excellent experience. It is, however, equally important to get the brakes inspected for damages to avoid loss of control, vast maintenance costs, etc. So why wait when you can get outstanding brake repair from a reputable garage? Visit Walsall Wood Tyre & Service, and experience the confidence post brake replacement in your car.


What is brake repair/replacement?

If you notice any issues with the brake like difficulty in pressing the pedal, and unresponsiveness, our experts can repair it with the help of their knowledge and the tools we store. Once you drive your vehicle to us, we will diagnose your car’s brake rotors, discs, and callipers for smooth movement of individual parts. If any issues are found, we would advise you to get a brake replacement at affordable prices by our professionals.

Once the components have been replaced, we will top up your car with the required brake fluids, so you can apply the brakes efficiently.

Advantages of brake replacement

Prevents huge maintenance bills

Getting a brake replacement helps to save the spread of rust and corrosion from wheel rotor discs to other parts of the suspension. This prevents you from spending vast amounts on repairs and maintenance.

Improved performance

Once you book a brake replacement with our garage, our professionals will leave no stone unturned and replace brake callipers to ensure reduced braking distances and low rolling resistance as well. This ultimately leads to an enhanced performance of your vehicle.

Reasons for brake failure

Improper Usage

The brake pedals help a motorist to slow down and stop their vehicle according to his/her commands. However, excessive and unnecessary usage may lead to brittleness and unresponsiveness. 

Brake Fluid Leakages

If you hear squeaking sounds and experience complete or partial brake failure, it must be a repercussion of fluid leakages from the engine and brake lines.

Internal damages

If the brakes are unresponsive and soft like a sponge, they may not be able to coordinate with the brake discs. You can drive to us, and we will inspect and repair the brake rotors.

Symptoms of brake failure

  • In case you experience vibrations while turning your car, you should immediately get a brake inspection to avoid any potential damages
  • If you notice leakage from the engine bay or brake lines, you should drive to us, and we will top it up with the required brake fluids.
  • Any unusual or unexpected sounds from the brake callipers can be a signal of rusted brake rotors.

Visit our garage today!

If you do not wish to drive a car with improper car brake repair Walsall, Walsall Wood, drive to Walsall Wood Tyre & Services today. Visit our garage to get a professional brake repair or schedule the service online with our website.

We are open from 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 07:30 - 12:30 on Saturday. For more information, you can write an email at or call at 0154345464.

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